Foot Torture 32

Footidiot in the forest!
Mistress Ronja and Lady Lucy made themselves comfortable in the woods on a log. They find that their shoes have become pretty dirty. The soles of their sneakers have become quite dirty from the forest floor. But of course they have their slave with them! Old Grandpaps Tomi is summoned. The two impudent young brats order him to lick their sneakers clean. He is spit on the whole time by the two, humiliated, insulted and mocked.
After the old idiot has done a great job in the sweat of his brow and their shoes are clean, they summon him again.
Now they want to maltreat him with their footsweat. Old Grandpaps Tomi has to take off their sneakers and smell their socks. Pull up the perspiration of their stinky feet in the socks and inhale properly.
They spit on him all the time, berating him and verbally humiliate him

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Foot Torture 32

  • Product Code: Foot Torture 32
Length: Minute
  • 11.47€

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