Stomping 20 

Model stomp on jury!

Sara is go to model casting and come there in a casting room.

But as she come into the room and introduce her person the guy from the jury told her ..sorry but you are not tall like a model...and now shows Sara her other face...she have the power to make everyone shrink. And she makes the shrunken jury clear:

I tell you you're not tall enough to be a real model. This offends you so you get right up in my face and tell me you can be as tall as you want.You shrink me down to half size and stand over me like an adult over a child - bullying me and asking me if you are tall enough now as I am eye level with your belly button. With another wave, I am the size of a worm at your beautiful bare feet. Once shrunken, I am no longer human to you. You tower over me like a skyscsexr and make me to worship your giant feet as your tiny foot slave. I don't do a good enough job so you soon decide I should be crushed like the bug I am.

And then she stomps and stomps the idiots with her sexy naked feet in the floor.

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Stomping 20

  • Product Code: Stomping 20
Length: Minute
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