Foot Torture 31

 Psycho Mistress Ronja`s Hard Foot Slave Training!
Slave Maskenjoe gets a lesson in what it takes to be a foot slave with Mistress Ronja. The slightly delicately slaved pussy is almost shocked about the lession at the Psycholady with their naturalistic style. First Maskenjoe must lick her dirty street boots. Lady Ronja also orders him to lick the dog shit off her soles. Deeply disgusted Maskenjoe tries to rebel. But Mistress Ronja knows no mercy. Except for the last Maskenjoe has to lick the dog shit off his boots. And of course clean the rest of the boots neatly with his tongue until everything shines.While Maskenjoe makes every effort to do the job well, he is humiliated, verbally abused and insulted by the natural dominant young lady all the time. She taunts him, ridicules him and laughs out loud.Then he should take off her boots and smell her sweaty feet in the socks. Then he has to smell the boots and socks. After he then even silly starts licking his feet Ronja presses her feet and socks to the stop in the throat. Finally she presses both her bare feet into his mouth at the same time.

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Foot Torture 31

  • Product Code: Foot Torture 31
Length: Minute
  • 19.08€

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