Foot Torture 52

Double Blondie Foot Torture!


Princess Kimberly and Lisa dominate their foot slave Bobby with sneaker licking, feet smelling and sock sniffing. First, the two naturadistic brat girls strip their dirty sports shoes on his face and mouth. him to lick the dirty soles of their sneakers. Then they tape his mouth shut so that he can only breathe through his nose and press their sweaty sneakers onto his nose to inhale. They dominate him with screeching screams and obviously have fun getting him down. Then they strip off their socks and press their sweaty socks to smell and lick in his face. After he had to smell her stinking socks for minutes, it now goes on with her bare feet. They take off their socks and continue to dominate him with their cheesy, sweaty bare feet.

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Foot Torture 52

  • Product Code: Foot Torture 52
Format: 4 K
Length: 11:58 Minute
  • 11.58€

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