Feet Smelling 193


Princess Smiley`s Smelling Torment!
The young sexy naturdominant Lady has come up with another cruelty for her slave. While she was out doing sports, he had to stay wrapped in foil in the apartment all the time. When she comes back from running she is totally sweaty. Everywhere she runs the sweat about the sport dress. And that is exactly what the torture for her slave is now. Maskenjoe must now smell all her sweaty body parts.
First between the breasts. Smiley rubs her sports bra tightly against his nose, him to inhale the smell. He also has to smell her fingers. And finally she presses his face deep into her shoulders. Then her ass comes to the series. With full weight she sits down on his face and Maskenjoe must therefore smell the sweat from her ass and her pussy.
For the other olfactory teachings, the sadistic Goddess has considered something particularly cruel. She picks up an adhesive tape and even sticks her mouth shut.
Now Maskenjoe can not even breathe through his mouth. He can only smell everything she holds up to his nose. And those are also her totally sweaty sneakers.
Maskenjoe is about to collapse after she pushes his sweaty sneakers on his nose to inhale. And finally, their cheesy sweaty feet come right on top as a crowning finale.

Foot Over Mouth without mercy!

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Feet Smelling 193

  • Product Code: Feet Smelling 193
Length: Minute
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