Foot Slaps

Foot Slaps
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Foot Slaps 12

  PRINCESS SMILEY´S FOOT PUNISHMENT! To amuse her dominant-sadistic whims, Princess Smiley ..

Princess Smiley

Foot Slaps 11

Psycho Mistress Ronja`s Foot Slaps!Lady Ronja slaps Maskenjoe with her feet. Alternately she let..

Mistress Ronja

Foot Slaps 1

Young mistress Jina has thought up a quite particularly game for her slave. He gets slaps but not ..


Foot Slaps 7

Slap man Richie must put on the couch supporting himself with the head. Because in this position..


Foot Slaps 2

Richie must motionlessly  lie on the ground, Lea sits down on his belly. And then his ordeal ..


Foot Slaps 8

Bianca, the Hungarian mistress, slaps her victim Joschi with the feet. He gets a series of kic..


Foot Slaps 3

Richie begs to be allowed to smell and to kiss Vanessa's feet; Vanessa suggests him a game afte..


Foot Slaps 9

Foot-Slaps for Joschi. Lying on the ground must be slave of his mistress Joschi Godd..

Goddess Gloria

Foot Slaps 4

Melady and their friend Cindy have a good time with their slave Richie. The two Ladies make it to ..

Sadistic Cindy

Foot Slaps 10

VIDEO IN ENGLISH! Maskenjoe has to lie with the head on the wooden stairs. In this position..


Foot Slaps 5

The Hungarian mistress Bianca misses Richie on the bed firm foot slaps. She has her hard soles o..


Foot Slaps 6

Slave Joschi must collect foot slaps as a whipping boy of his mistresses today. With the hea..

Sadistic Cindy