Foot Smother

Foot Smother

 Fetish Girls smother slaves with feet 

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Choke 94

 Mature choking terror!Mature Lady Elenora chokes her slave with her hands and feet. Again an..

Mature Elenora

Trampling 199

  Mistress Missy`s Head Trampling with Foot Gagging!Mistress Missy dominates slave Maskenjoe..


Foot Choke 19

Young sadistic Lea strangles Joschi with her feet. She mercilessly pushes her naked foot aga..


Foot Choke 72

Tallprincess Violetta chokes Loserboy Mickey with his foot. With the power of her feet sh..

Tallprincess Violetta

Foot Choke 42

Foot Choke 42

Bizarre Lady Jessica strangles bobby with the foot against the wall. ..

Bizarrlady Jesscia

Foot Choke 24

As her strangling slave Richie must put himself on the ground with the back and wait, wh..


Foot Choke 6

The Spanish beauty Loretta strangles Richie in the bedroom. He must sit down with a straight ..


Foot Choke 87

  Psycho Mistress Ronja chokes her slave Maskenjoe with her feet. Again and again she presse..

Mistress Ronja

Foot Choke 50

Goddess Perfecta chokes Bobby in bed with your feet. She presses her bare feet hard against ..

Goddess Perfecta

Foot Choke 28

To see its slave Richie suffering particularly motorcycle cat completely has itself for its ..


Foot Choke 9

Richie must put and expect himself with the back just on the couch, it before what gets up. ..

Fetish Queen Lucilla

Foot Choke 52

Lady Morgana pressed her foot hard against the neck of Bobby. They ruthlessly suppre..

Lady Morgana

Foot Choke 32

The Hungarian mistress Bianca strangles her victim Joschi with the feet. Under suffocatio..


Foot Choke 11

Richie must provide strangling fun to the strangler Mandy with itself as an object for hers again...


Foot Choke 60

Mlada's Foot Choking. Standing over her victims she pushes him with her shoes off the a..

Foot Choke 35

Asia foot choke! Thai mouse Yas Min presses Richie with its feet of the air at the ne..


Foot Choke 14

Melady and Cindy throw the two young sadists Richie to the ground. In the mouth ball gags un..

Sadistic Cindy

Foot Choke 67

The tall totally sadistic Madame Louise reacts off of their victims. Maskjoe has to lie..


Foot Choke 39

The young Sadistic girl Princess Paris strangles Richie on the couch with its feet. ..

Princess Paris