Melady brings Lea its friend with home to demonstrate Richie to it, its slaves. When they come in, Richie lies comfortably on the bed. Melady orders him immediately to get up and to welcome its visit. And because he has not done this correctly, he must kneel down in front of Lea and give his hand from the knienden position her still one time. And then it already starts, too, Melady opens up fully. It orders Richie to clear its bags away, this throws to newspapers by the air and weighs down itself at the top of the voice he has not cleaned here. Richie is insulted and degraded verbally by them. He needs to take off both the shoes and then massage their feet simultaneously with oil only. He already becomes about extremely verbally degrades and swears all the time, too. He then needs to clean the room in much too little jogging trousers with rose dot, antanzen, and in front of the two. He is humiliated symbolically and verbally and it simply can not make right to the two. At every small thing he gets slaps and kicks.

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Foot Massage 5

  • Product Code: Foot Massage 5
Format: SD
Length: 10:29 Minute
  • 10.29€

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