Foot Torture 27

Aggressive Sock Smelling Terror!
Sadistic Princess Nicole and Teasing Princess Scarlet are return from a shopping trip. Her slave is kneeling waiting in the room. Immediately they order Maskenjoe and use him as a doormat and footstool. They strip their dirty sneakers on him and verbally humiliate him. Princess Nicole then gets the idea to torture him with the tape. They close Maskenjoe's mouth and order him to smell her shoes. Sadistic Princess Nicole tells him that there are definitely duck shit on her shoes because they went through there. The two young dominant girls make fun of him and let him smell extensively on their worn sneakers. Then they order him to take off their shoes and smell their sweaty feet. They press his soft socks on his face and humiliate him to sniff. As much as Maskenjoe is disgusted by her sweaty socks and feet he still has to obey her orders. Then Sadstic Nicole has another nice game. With closed eyes Maskenjoe has to guess which shoe he is smelling. For every wrong answer it immediately sets a foot slap. And of course, the stupid slave provides only wrong answers!
Afterwards Maskenjoe has to lick both of them with their sweat. The two very beautiful blond mistresses mock him, laugh at him and insult him while they press his sweaty socks and feet to inhale on his nose.
Nicole spits him vigorously in the face to say goodbye.

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Foot Torture 27

  • Product Code: Foot Torture 27
Length: Minute
  • 17.11€

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